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Serenity Centre for Massage & Bodywork is a therapeutic massage practice at 94 Central Street in Foxboro. We help people reduce stress, recover from injury, reduce chronic pain and enhance sports performance. Our certified and MA state licensed therapist believes in results-based massage and tailor each session to meet your specific needs ~ for a custom treatment every time you visit.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage combines a range of beneficial massage techniques. Muscles react in pushing along toxins and eliminating waste - creating nourishment and healing to the body.


Myofascial Orthopedic Release

Fascia is the bodies connective tissue that stabilizes muscle fibers and muscle groups. Restrictions in fascia can be caused by physical or emotional trauma resulting in chronic pain. Myofascial release frees restriction and fascia resulting in increase range of motion and decreased pain


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep tissue/sports massage relates to a combination of massage strokes focusing on deep muscle groups. By increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, muscle and soft tissues are provided with the optimum amount of nutrition for quick healing.



Reflexology is a form of ancient healing specializing in stimulating reflex points found on the feet, hands and face which correspond to all landmarks within the body - resulting in balance and well-being


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage offers relief from body aches and often experienced during pregnancy. Put yourself in touch with your body, thereby assisting in the development and smooth delivery of your baby.



Aromatherapy can aid a variety of conditions from tired muscles to sinusitis. Bring your muscles to a higher level of relaxation


Yoga Life Coaching

Are you looking to move forward in your life? Mary is offering private Yoga Life Coaching sessions to help you clarify your vision of a happy, fulfilling life and make that vision come true. Please e-mail Mary got further information or to book a session.

*It should be noted that Yoga Life Coaching is not a substitute for a professional counselor or therapist.




$65 Half Hour                                 

$95 One Hour                                

$145 90 Minutes


Our hours vary so please call ahead for walk-in services.

We check voice mail throughout the day & will return your call.

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